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CM Punk » INPUNKWETRUST.COM « Your #1 fansite for Phillip Jack Brooks aka WWE's Straight Edge Savior CM Punk for over a year. // cm punk, phil brooks, news, photo gallery, video, more
  Luck is for losers, at least according to CM Punk. Even though his arm is literally tattooed with good-luck charms, Punk believes you make your own good fortune through hard work and intense preparation. Growing up in Chicago, the Superstar’s childhood consisted of watching the likes of “Rowdy” Roddy Piper... » Read More?  

    Punk and league executives are not close to resolving matters, it seems.

    Punk’s attorneys sent a huge pile of documents to the league asserting that he hasn’t been receiving royalties owed for things like being included in WWE2K15.

    That prompted meetings between reps for Punk and the WWE, with sources telling GameSpot earlier this week there’s a “variety of topics are being discussed with the former WWE champion.”

    “A range of outcomes could materialize from these talks, such as the removal of CM Punk from the game, or indeed his unlikely return to the company. Both matters are routinely speculated online, despite their contradiction with each other, and neither has been confirmed by WWE,” GameSpot wrote.

    But now Cageside Seats is saying that there are more problems between the parties.

    “When WWE slashed prices on all CM Punk merchandise, it was a response to the letter sent by his attorney’s over royalties,” it reported.

    “The bad blood between the two sides has only gotten worse and any idea of a reconciliation is probably years away.”

    Posted on Sep , 13 2014 Filed under Articles

    Attorneys for CM Punk reportedly sent a 22-page letter to WWE over royalties and use of his likeness, specifically him being featured in the WWE 2K15 video game.

    The belief is WWE stopped sending Punk royalty money over their claim that he breached his contract when he walked out on the company at the beginning of the year.

    As far as Punk’s inclusion in the new WWE video game, apparently the roster for the game was put together before he quit the promotion, even though it was just announced two weeks ago.

    Posted on Sep , 04 2014 Filed under Articles

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    In a recent interview with TJRWrestling Radio, when asked about opponents that he would love to have faced that he never got the chance to get in the ring with, he did mention Punk, specifically. He also noted that he misses seeing him on television every week, and hopes that he makes a comeback one day.

    “I miss him on the shows. I hope he makes some kind of comeback one day,” Hart said after discussing three opponents he wishes he had the chance to wrestle.

    For the third guy I would have to say CM Punk. Punk would have been a perfect guy for me to work with. He might have to carry me through the match with him as the heel.”

    There is little doubt in anyone’s minds that a feud with Punk and Hart would be absolute money, and it really is a shame that we never got the chance to see it play out.

    Posted on Aug , 28 2014 Filed under Articles

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