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CM Punk and AJ Lee’s WWE status
Apr, 17 Written by Teddy

Just yesterday, a script for this past Monday night’s episode of Raw was leaked that showed both AJ Lee and CM Punk listed as “injured”. Naturally, fans reacted in wonder regarding what this means about the status of both. Bryan Alvarez addressed as much in the latest edition of the Bryan & Vinny Show at the Wrestling Observer:

“For those of you asking about why AJ and CM Punk were listed on the injured reserve (on the leaked Raw script), that list does not necessarily mean ‘injured’. It is a place that you put people and by putting them in the injured reserve list, people ask fewer questions. That’s how it was described to me. I believe that AJ asked for time off. She’s not hurt, and obviously CM Punk is not hurt. Punk, like I said, I don’t expect to see him back. AJ will probably be back but she’s also engaged to CM Punk and you never know. Far more likely she will be back but right now she’s on hiatus.”
AJ had her near 300-day title reign abruptly come to an end when she was pinned in short order by a debuting Paige on the April 7, 2014, episode of Raw the night after WrestleMania 30. When she failed to appear on SmackDown, Raw, and then a number one contender battle royal was held on Main Event last night and she wasn’t a part of it, questions were raised.
There’s your answer.

Because she’s engaged to Punk, expect there to be speculation that there are issues within WWE but that doesn’t seem to be the case, though there’s no way to be sure. Either way, she’s gone for now.

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CM Punk still geting money from WWE merchandise
Apr, 17 Written by Teddy

Regarding an interesting point, when Steve Austin talked about when he walked out in 2002, he noted that because he breached the contract, he got no royalties. He noted bills kept coming in and money wasn’t coming in. That was his reason for saying he thought Punk would be back.

However, with Punk, I don’t know the details of the terms legally and financially they split on. It’s very clear both sides agreed neither would say anything negative about the other, or even speak of the split. Punk is still getting royalties on his merchandise, which are pretty substantial. Even as of a few weeks ago, he was second only to Cena in merchandise sold. Officially, Punk is still not suspended, nor fired, nor released, but simply on a leave. Chael Sonnen, who is friends with Punk, was on Wrestling Observer Radio. Sonnen said he had talked with Punk at one point. He said that at first he thought what Punk had told him (which one would presume to be that he had left the company) was a work, but said that as time has gone on, he’s thinking that it’s the truth.

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CM Punk listed as injured/TBD on the leaked RAW script
Apr, 17 Written by Teddy

The third draft of the script for the April 14 edition of WWE Raw, various checklists for the creative staff, and a roster page that includes heels and babyfaces has leaked online. You can read 18 pages worth of material at Imgur.com/a/u9Xj3#0. The following notes are from that material.

-Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella are listed as being off until April 20.

-The talent roster page lists The Miz and Summer Rae being off through May 16, as they are shooting the Marine 4 film.

-The Great Khali is off until May 24.

-C.M. Punk, A.J. Lee, Rey Mysterio, Christian, and Alberto Del Rio are listed as “injured/TBD.” Del Rio ended up working a match on Raw.

-Cesaro is listed on the heel roster.

-Sami Zayn is listed as “available talent” on the babyface roster.

-Brock Lesnar and The New Age Outlaws were moved to the miscellaneous portion of the roster.

-Evan Bourne is still listed on the miscellaneous roster.

-Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, Eve Torres, Mick Foley, Ricky Steamboat, Sgt. Slaughter, and Bob Backlund are listed as ambassadors.

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CM Punk sends custom t-shirt to Rey Mysterio
Apr, 15 Written by Teddy

Rey Mysterio thanked CM Punk on for sending him a t-shirt. He wrote on Instagram:

“Thanx to the Homie CM*PUNK for this sick ass T I requested from him after seeing one on him with his logo! Good look N, miss ya! #og’s #custom #619er #truehomie”

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CM Punk to guest in “Maron” on IFC
Apr, 12 Written by Teddy

CM Punk is being advertised as a guest on an episode of “Maron” on IFC with comedian Mark Maron. The new season starts in May.

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CM Punk and AJ Lee are engaged: WWE backstage reaction
Apr, 8 Written by Teddy

It’s said that CM Punk and AJ Lee being engaged is now openly being discussed backstage within WWE.

Source: LordsOfPain.net

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CM Punk attending Against Me! concert in Palatine, Illinois
Apr, 5 Written by Teddy
  cm-punk-bio.png cm-punk-bio.png

For those of you wondering, CM Punk is currently not in New Orleans. He was at the Against Me! concert in Palatine, Illinois on Friday night.
Punk is friend with the band and was on stage with them behind the band.

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Stone Cold Steve Austin comments on CM Punk; Possible WrestleMania match?
Apr, 5 Written by Teddy
Steve Austin recently spoke with The Boston Herald to promote WrestleMania XXX. Austin commented on the CM Punk situation:
“Punk’s fed up with not main-eventing WrestleMania.”
 Austin also commented on a possible match between the two:
“I could get more out of that guy than anybody else walking Planet Earth. He could have that ultimate ‘Come to Jesus’ meeting with me. Punk’s been around for a long time and he’s a smart guy, but he never stepped into a damn squared circle with the intensity of a guy like Stone Cold Steve Austin.”
In February of this year, Stone Cold Steve Austin admitted that, given the opportunity, he would pick CM Punk as his opponent should he ever return to the ring for a final time. With Stone Cold having confirmed his presence at WrestleMania XXX this weekend, many fans have become hopeful with rumours speculating that CM Punk might make an appearance as well.
 Though several links can be made between the two WWE superstars, there is undeniably little fact to any rumour of the pair facing each other in a match, with most discussion arising from optimistic WWE followers.
Three years ago, Punk and Stone Cold were the subjects of a Twitter feud over, ultimately, who could top who. This war of words first caused fans to realise the massive potential of this dream match, yet nothing has come of it since. The attitudes between the two on Twitter have changed more recently, though, with the Texas Rattlesnake almost sympathising with Punk over his recent WWE departure.
The Straight-Edge Superstar’s recent walk out on the industry brought about memories of Stone Cold doing the same in 2002 after a disagreement about a match with Brock Lesnar.
All of the talk creating comparisons between the two though has come at an interesting time for WWE. Obviously it being the 30th WrestleMania makes it an iconic event, but Steve Austin did not have to return for it.
What is even more interesting is Stone Cold’s prediction that CM Punk will make his return at WrestleMania XXX, saying he thinks it is time for Punk to get back to work.
Could the work be a match against Austin?
It would not be the first time a WWE legend would be facing one of the current big names in WWE, with The Rock being billed against John Cena in a memorable match at WrestleMania XXVIII.
Another parallel with that match is that it was created the night after WrestleMania XXVII, a year before it was actually due to take place.
This suggests if the ultimate fantasy match of Stone Cold against CM Punk were to happen, it is perfectly plausible for it to be sometime in the future.
WWE fans will be hoping they would not have to wait too long though, given that Austin turns 50 at the end of this year.
There was so much hype when Cena faced The Rock at WrestleMania XXXVIII that it unquestionably set a precedent that pitting a legend against a current WWE superstar would be the ideal scenario for not just the fans, but the WWE industry.
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The best photos from WWE.com’s WrestleMania Diaries
Apr, 5 Written by Teddy

01~15.jpg 02~10.jpg cm-punk-bio.png cm-punk-bio.png

Every year, WWE.com follows a WWE competitor on their journey to The Grandest Stage of Them All. Look back at some of the most captivating photos from our series, featuring AJ Lee, Shawn Michaels and Jeff Hardy.

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